• UK Specialty Pharmacy

    The UK HealthCare Specialty Pharmacy offers a friendly and knowledgeable staff dedicated to improving the lives of our patients. As a customer of our specialty pharmacy, you will obtain the highest degree of customer service and clinical oversight to assure that your specialty medication needs are addressed.

    Our services will help you navigate any insurance hurdles, research for financial assistance, and provide the education and clinical monitoring needed to help you succeed with your therapy. Please contact us if you would like support for managing your specialty medications. 

  • Specialty pharmacy services

    Prescription intake

    We will accept any prescription for a specialty medication. They may be provided via e-prescribing, fax, telephone or hard copy.

    Insurance navigation

    We will work with your insurance company to cover the cost of your medications. This is often called a “prior authorization,” “pre-approval” or “pre-certification.”

    Financial assistance

    Even with insurance coverage, your out-of-pocket costs may be high, depending on your insurance plan. We will work with manufacturers, advocacy programs and charities to see whether you are eligible for any financial assistance. 

    Clinical Management Program

    Our pharmacists will ensure that all clinical components of your therapy are addressed, including:

    • Providing education on how to take your medication, what side effects may occur and whom to contact if you have questions.
    • A review of other medications you are taking and what possible interactions could occur.
    • Working with your providers to optimize your medication list to improve your health.
    • Monitoring of laboratory values that may be affected by the medication.

    Free delivery

    Medications can be delivered to you during a visit to your UK clinic, mailed free to your home or picked up at the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy. 

    Ongoing support  

    Our program offers monthly refill reminders, ongoing clinical monitoring and general pharmacy support to help you succeed with your medications.

  • Insurance plans

    UK HealthCare Specialty Pharmacy is proud to contract with the following insurance companies to provide specialty pharmacy services:

    • Aetna Better Health of Kentucky
    • Humana CareSource
    • Humana Commercial Plans
    • Kentucky Medicaid (Traditional)
    • Medicare Prescription Plans (including plans through Anthem, Humana, United Health Care and others)
    • Passport Health Plan
    • University of Kentucky Health Plan
    • WellCare of Kentucky
    • And many more