• UHS Pharmacy

    Students who have used University Health Service may fill prescriptions at the UHS Pharmacy, conveniently located on the first floor of the University Health Service building.

  • University Health Service Building
    First Floor, Room 129
    830 S. Limestone
    Lexington KY 40536-0582

    Call 859-257-6451
    Call 859-257-6452 Doctor line
    Note that this email is not secure and should not be used to send personal health information.
    Fax 859-323-6898

    Office hours
    Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
    Closed weekends and holidays

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    To our valued customers

    To qualify for available pricing discounts, you must have a prescription written by a UK clinician and have had a clinic visit within the last 365 days. If you have any questions, please ask a member of our pharmacy team. Thank you.
    *excludes UK College of Dentistry physicians

    Pharmacy services

    We are located two buildings down from the Kentucky Clinic and directly across S. Limestone street from the Speedway gas station.

    Parking is available at the Kentucky Clinic Parking Garage (PS #3).

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  • Weekend and holidays

    There are no weekend or holiday hours at this pharmacy location. For prescription pick up on weekends, students may use the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy, located at 740 S. Limestone, just inside the main entrance. The Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy hours are 9a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday and 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. 

    What to bring to the pharmacy

    When getting your prescription filled, always remember to bring the following: student ID, insurance card, prescription benefit card (if your insurance carrier provides one), prescription paper or old bottle if it is a refill.

    It is very important that you bring your prescription card so your medication costs can be properly filed with your insurance.

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  • Transferring prescriptions

    FROM another pharmacy TO UHS Pharmacy

    To transfer a prescription from another pharmacy to the UHS Pharmacy, you must provide the UHS pharmacy with the following information:

    • The name of the pharmacy from which your prescriptions will be transferred
    • The other pharmacy’s phone number
    • Your name and date of birth
    • Name of the prescription(s) you need transferred 

    The UHS Pharmacy will contact your home pharmacy and initiate the transfer.

    NOTE: During the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, please allow 1 day to facilitate the transfer.

    FROM UHS Pharmacy TO another pharmacy

    To transfer a prescription from the UHS Pharmacy to another pharmacy, provide the other pharmacy with the following information:

    • The UHS pharmacy phone number: 859-257-6451
    • Your name and date of birth
    • The name of the prescription(s) you need transferred

    The filling pharmacy (the pharmacy to where your UHS prescriptions will be transferred) will initiate the transfer.

    NOTE: During the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, please allow 1 day to facilitate the transfer.

  • Refilling prescriptions

    Refilling your prescriptions has never been easier!  Refill requests can be made online or over the phone.

    Request an online prescription refill. Be sure to select the location “University Health Pharmacy” when refilling your prescriptions online.

    You can also call the main pharmacy number (859-257-6451) and request a refill over the phone through the automated system.


    Abuse, misuse, diversion and illegal sale of prescription drugs are some of the largest threats facing the safety and welfare of the citizens of Kentucky. The Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER) tracks controlled substances dispensed within the state. A KASPER report shows all scheduled prescriptions for an individual over a specified timer period, the prescriber and the dispenser. KASPER is designed to be a source of information for practitioners and pharmacists and an investigative tool for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

    KASPER is not intended to prevent people from obtaining needed medications. By law, UHS is required to participate in KASPER efforts. Per the guidelines established by Kentucky state legislation, when prescribing controlled substances, we will pull a KASPER report on the patient to verify prescribing privileges. This is for your protection as a patient and for our protection as a health care provider.

  • FAQs

    Q: Can my clinician from home call in a prescription to the UHS Pharmacy?

    A: Yes, your local clinician can call prescriptions to the Student Health Pharmacy at 859-257-6451

    Q: How do I get birth control?

    A: Students can call 859-323-APPT (2778) to schedule an appointment in the University Health Service Women's Health Clinic. Birth control pills, the birth control patch (Ortho Evra®), the vaginal ring (NuvaRing®) and the birth control shot (Depo Provera®) are available by prescription in the UHS Pharmacy and Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy. Students receive a discounted price if the prescription is written by a UHS clinician. 

    Q: How much does it cost for contraceptives?

    A: Most contraceptives prescribed by University Health Service clinicians can be purchased at the UHS Pharmacy or Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy at a student discount. The pharmacy is able to offer some oral contraceptives for as a low as $10 per pack.  

    Q: Does the UK Student Pharmacy have Plan B (the morning after pill)?

    A: Yes, Plan B is available at the UHS Pharmacy at a discounted rate. Women, or their partner, may pick up Plan B at the UHS Pharmacy without a prescription.