• What to bring

    When getting your prescription filled, always remember to bring:

    • Student ID
    • Insurance card
    • Prescription benefit card (if your insurance carrier provides one)
    • Prescription paper or old bottle if it is a refill
  • FAQs

    Q: Can my clinician from home call in a prescription to the Student Health Pharmacy?

    A: Yes, your local clinician can call prescriptions to the Student Health Pharmacy at 859-257-6451. 

    Q: How do I get birth control?

    A: Students can call 323-2778 (APPT) to schedule an appointment in the University Health Service Women's Health Clinic. Birth control pills, the birth control patch (Ortho Evra®), the vaginal ring (NuvaRing®) and the birth control shot (Depo Provera®) are available by prescription in the University Health Service and Kentucky Clinic pharmacies. Students receive a discounted price if the prescription is written by a UHS clinician. 

    Q: How much does it cost for contraceptives?

    A: Most contraceptives prescribed by University Health Service clinicians can be purchased at the Student Health Pharmacy (Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy) at a student discount. The pharmacy is able to offer some oral contraceptives for as a low as $10 per pack. 

    Q: Does the UK Student Pharmacy have Plan B?

    A: Yes, and at a discounted rate. Females or their male partner, who are 17 years or older, may pick up Plan B at the UK Student Health Pharmacy without a prescription. 

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