• Payment and billing

    This section contains helpful information related to costs associated with University Health Service. 

    Billing policies

    Responsibilities of the student who incurs charges at the University Health Service are as follows:

    • Payment in full is expected on the day of service. Cash, check, MasterCard, VISA or the UK Plus Card are accepted forms of payment. If it is impossible for payment to be made on that date, payment in full is expected within 30 days.
    • Students who do not pay their bills within 60 days will be considered financially delinquent and will be subject to the University's delinquency policy which states that all outstanding bills owed to any unit of the University must be paid before a student can register, drop or add classes, graduate or obtain a transcript.
    • Students who have questions about bills received from the Health Service should call the Health Service Billing Department for assistance at 859-218-3204.
    • Insurance claims to other private carriers, other than the University-sponsored student insurance plan, cannot be filed by the Health Service. Students may request a statement of charges at the time of service. This statement contains all necessary information for filing insurance with private carriers.
    • UHS is a participating provider for the Student Health Insurance Plan only. Services at UHS may not be covered by other insurance plans, in which case students are responsible for any balance on their account. 

  • Health Fee

    University Health Service provides a variety of basic health care services for free (or at low cost) to students who have paid the Health Fee. The Health Fee is a mandatory fee assessed to full-time undergraduate and graduate students during the fall and spring semesters. Part-time UK students and BCTC students may elect to pay the Health Fee or be seen at UHS on a fee-for-service basis.

    Read more about services covered by the Health Fee.

  • Insurance

    University Health Service (UHS) provides a variety of basic health care services that are covered by the Health Fee, but does not accept private insurance* for services not covered by the Health Fee.  Students will need to pay up front for the cost. It is then up to the student to try filing for reimbursement through their private insurance company.

    *The only insurance accepted at UHS is the UK-sponsored health insurance plan (SHIP) which is customized to complement the care provided through the Health Fee at UHS.

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