• Digital & brand strategy

    Our award-winning team includes graphic designers, Web and Internet marketing support and support staff.

    NEW! Step-by-step Website CMS Content Editor training guide: Using Ektron 9 (PDF, 3.6 MB) » 

    We work with a number of communication vehicles, including Web site design, graphics, print advertisements and the planning and consultation for special symposiums and events. We also have the expertise and resources to take more traditional marketing methods, such as stationery, brochures, posters, displays, radio or video, from text and design through production and delivery.

    Our creative services are available at no charge to UK HealthCare clinical departments, however, there may be charges for printing, photography and film production.

    Graphic standards and logos

    Communicating internal events, recognition and services

    Digital and brand strategy promotes events, initiatives and other UK HealthCare-sponsored activities. Please review these guidelines (PDF, 448 KB) for information on various venues and channels available, criteria used, timing and tips.

    Web policies

    The UK HealthCare website is governed by the official UK HealthCare Web Policy (PDF, 18 KB), the UK HealthCare Web Policy Appendices (PDF, 68 KB) and the overall University of Kentucky Web policy.

    For more information about pricing and production schedules or questions about communicating a service or event, contact us at 859-323-2887.

    Ektron Content Management System

    Effective September 8, 2014, the UK HealthCare website is managed using the Ektron 9 CMS.

    What is Ektron?

    Ektron is a browser-based content management system, or CMS, that allows you to create and edit web pages without the use of specialized software.

    Aloha Editor

    Ektron 9 (and later versions) uses the Aloha editor. If you are already using Ektron 8 you will notice many differences between the old editor and the new one. The Aloha editor is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It is a context-sensitive editor, meaning that the tools visible to you will be different depending on what type of content you are editing.

    For example, if you are editing text, you will see options for styling text such as: paragraph style, headings and alignment. If you are editing an image, you may see options for size, alignment, borders and spacing. 

    UK HealthCare website editing guidelines & training materials

    The UK HealthCare web site is displayed in responsive design templates. If built correctly, content will appear consistently on mobile devices and desktop computers. The marketing department will help you create high-quality, well-presented content for the UK HealthCare website. If we all follow the same methods, our site visitors will be more likely to read and act on our messages. Contact us at ukhcwewbteam@uky.edu for more information.