• standard-dress-look-book-coverStandard Dress Look Book

    In no other business are personal dress, cleanliness, conduct and appearance as important as they are in health care services. First impressions count not only in the way we help and treat patients and visitors but also in our appearance.

    The UK HealthCare LookBook was created to reinforce the importance of standard dress and serve as a guide for managers and frontline staff.

    The way you dress tells our patients and guests you are a caring professional who values the quality of care UK HealthCare has to offer. When they see you, they know they are in the right place and that you are here to help.

    View Standard Dress Look Book (PDF, 3.1 MB) »

  • Communicate with senior leadership

    To improve communications among all levels of the organization, email addresses have been set up for employees to submit issues, concerns or ask questions of senior leadership. While not anonymous, these submissions will be treated confidentially. 

    • UKHCSLT@uky.edu is monitored by senior leadership. Mail sent to this address will be shared with senior leaders and will result in follow-up and response. All submissions will be treated confidentially and can address enterprisewide, departmental or individual concerns.
  • UK Health & Wellness

    A variety of health resources are available to UK HealthCare physicians and staff at UK Wellness »

    Employee healthcare guide cover

    View or download the employee healthcare guide (PDF, 846 KB) »

  • UK Health Plan Urgent Care Clinic for employees

    The UK Health Plan Urgent Care Clinic, an onsite clinic for UK employees who participate in one of the UK health plans (HMO, PPO, EPO and RHP) opened Jan. 6, 2014, on the first floor of the University Health Service Building next to Employee Health. Hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Same-day appointments are available by calling 323-SICK (7425). The clinic is also open to dependents of UK Health Plan members over age 18. Visit clinic site »  

  • Employee Health reminder

    All UK HealthCare workers are required to visit Employee Health during the employee's birth month. Read more »

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  • Today@UK HealthCare

    This video series from senior leadership allows employees spread far and wide the opportunity to hear leaders explain events, decisions and actions in their own words. Questions about these topics may be submitted to UKHCSLT@uky.edu.

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