• What do quality and safety mean to us?

    Our goal with this section of our website is to provide both measures for which external agencies hold us accountable as well as measures that show how we are performing in key components of quality: patient survival, quality of care, patient safety, efficient care and patient centeredness

    We are presenting this information as accurately as possible: We are not creating any new measures or changing the scale, format or target to make ourselves look better or worse. And we’ll be clear about what’s good and what isn’t.

    Why make this information public? Because we believe that our patients have the right to understand the quality of care we provide, what we are doing well and where we need to do better. We may not always look good, but it is our belief that honesty, and an honest effort to improve when and where we need to, makes for better care.

  • Our philosophy

    • We are not creating any new measures.
    • We will not change the scale/format/target to make ourselves look better or worse.
    • We will be clear about what is good or bad.
    • We may not always look good.
  • UK HealthCare Mission & Vision


    UK HealthCare is committed to the pillars of academic health care—research, education and clinical care. Dedicated to the health of the people of Kentucky, we will provide the most advanced patient care and serve as an information resource. We will strengthen local health care and improve the delivery system by partnering with community hospitals and physicians. We will support the organization’s education and research needs by offering cutting edge services on par with the nation’s best providers.


    The vision of UK HealthCare is to achieve national recognition as a Top 20 public academic health center, providing optimal multidisciplinary health care and developing advanced medical therapeutics for the people of Kentucky and surrounding regions. 

    Read UK HealthCare annual reports.

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    Read our quality data.

  • Office for Value & Innovation in Healthcare Delivery (OVIHD)

    UK HealthCare has established the Office for Value & Innovation in Healthcare Delivery (OVIHD), aiming to provide value-based care across our health system. By re-engineering care delivery using expertise from industry, UK HealthCare will undergo a transformation of its delivery system to optimize care coordination for patients. Read more »

  • Please note that the numbers shown do not take into account that different hospitals treat different sorts of patients. A community hospital such as UK Good Samaritan, for instance, tends to treat patients who are less sick, while academic medical centers such as UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital treat the most severely ill and injured patients. For this reason, these numbers should not be used to compare one hospital to another.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the information you find here. 

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