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  • Office of Enterprise Quality and Safety (OEQS)

    OEQS was established with one goal in mind: building a culture of quality and safety throughout our organization. The areas below don’t just lead; they are also building many teams of staff across the organization to provide the best care. 


    This group focuses on leading the organization to meet the needs of several external regulatory agencies including the Joint Commission.

    Reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions

    This group is focused on monitoring the organization so that we prevent any potential infections or spreadable diseases creating a safer environment for both our patients and staff.


    This group is focused on the measurement and analysis of the quality of care we provide so that our leadership and staff are always aware of how we are doing.

    Patient Education

    This group works with our patients and their family members to provide the information they need about their condition so they will recover and be able to maintain their health.

    Improving Our Performance

    This group is focused on establishing a new clinical model for UK Healthcare that will provide the most efficient and safest care.

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