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    Complex Care Clinic

    “Primary Care for Children with Special Health Needs”

    Director: Ricki F. Goldstein, MD 

    Physician referral, phone consults, hospital transfers • Call UK•MDs: 800-888-5533
    Fax: 859-323-4607 or 859-257-6325

    The Complex Care Clinic (previously the Medical Home for Coordinated Pediatrics) provides primary medical care for children in foster care and children with special health care needs. Our mission is to work with children and families to ensure that the child receives high-quality, comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate health care. Our physicians and staff work together with families to identify and access all the medical and nonmedical services needed to help the child and family achieve maximum potential. We facilitate and monitor all referrals to specialists, including mental health services, as indicated for the individual child.

    For patient appointments: 859-252-3270    Fax: 859-225-7155

  • Specialties

    • Acute and chronic illnesses
    • Care coordination
    • Foster care mandated 48 hour intake exams and ongoing management
    • Immunizations
    • Routine checkups
    • School physicals
  • Clinic location and mailing address

  • Special Needs

    UK Family Care Center
    1135 Harry Sykes Way
    Lexington KY 40504

    Call 859-218-2273