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    Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging

    Medical Director: Vincent Sorrell, MD, FACP, FACC 

    Physician referral, phone consults, hospital transfers • Call UK•MDs: 800-888-5533
    Fax: 859-323-4607 or 859-257-6325

    The Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Program provides Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the heart and great vessels for adult and pediatric patients. The Gill Imaging Center has two state-of-the-art, 64-slice CT scanners, one of which represents the first dual-source CT scanner in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Two MR scanners, 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla, expand UK HealthCare’s advanced imaging capabilities.

    For patient appointments: 859-323-9729    Fax: 859-257-1969

  • Specialties

    Cardiovascular Imaging Studies 

    • Cardiac CT for structure and morphology
    • Cardiovascular MRI
    • Coronary calcium CT scoring
    • Coronary CT angiography
    • Vascular CT angiography

    Cardiovascular CT
    Typical indications/conditions evaluated include:

    • Coronary bypass grafts mapping
    • Evaluation of cardiomyopathy (ischemic vs. non-ischemic)
    • Evaluation of chest pain syndrome
    • Evaluation of congenital heart disease
    • Evaluation of intra-cardiac mass
    • Evaluation of known or suspected coronary anomaly, aneurysm or fistula
    • Evaluation of pericardial abnormalities
    • Evaluation of pulmonary vein anatomy prior to radiofrequency ablation
    • Non-diagnostic or indeterminate stress test

    Cardiovascular MRI
    Typical indications/conditions evaluated include:

    • Accurate evaluation of ventricular function
    • Determination of myocardial viability
    • Diagnosis and risk stratification in cardiomyopathies
    • Diagnosis of constrictive pericarditis
    • Evaluation of diseases of thoracic aorta
    • Evaluation of myocardial perfusion for diagnosis of significant coronary artery disease
    • Evaluation of suspected cardiac masses
    • Preoperative and postoperative evaluation of congenital heart disease
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    Department of Radiology
    College of Medicine
    UK Chandler Hospital, HX320
    800 Rose St.
    Lexington KY 40536