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  • Erika Carter landing

    Erika Carter

    With cancer behind her, it's back to school again for this teacher. Read Erika's story »

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    Adrianne Rogers with two members of her care team.g

    Adrianne Rogers

    Gill gives Lexington woman, 23, new heart and new life. Read Adrianne's story »

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    Sanders-Brown landing

    Six Stories

    Families coping with Alzheimer's talk about the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging. See their stories »

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    Allison Couri landing page image

    Allison Couri

    UK student graduates after suffering stroke. Read Allison's story »

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    Annette Osborne

    Annette Osborne

    Markey patient looking forward to her future after being told to cease treatment. Read Annette's story »

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    Patty Lane riding her bicycle

    Patty Lane

    After hip surgery at UK, triathlete pursues her passion without limits. Read Patty's story »

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    Claudia Hall at home

    Claudia Hall

    A routine checkup could save your life. Read Claudia's story »

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    Todd Svoboda and his wife Franci

    Todd Svoboda

    Former Wildcat Teams up with Markey experts to beat rare bone cancer. Read Todd's story »

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    Lisa Hall teaching a fitness class

    Lisa Hall

    Runner chases Boston Marathon qualification with help of UK Sports Medicine. Read Lisa's story »

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    Jason Conn with his car

    Jason Conn

    Team of experts at UK returns heart patient to his first love: restoring vintage cars. Read Jason's story »

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    Bruce Smith at home

    Bruce Smith

    Facing permanent brain damage, patient turns to UK for unlikely answer: a liver transplant. Read Bruce's story »

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    Dr. Mahesh Kudrimoti with Barry Warner

    Barry Warner

    Cancer survivor loses taste to treatment but says life is sweeter. Read Barry's story »

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    Geri McDowell with her golf gear.

    Geri McDowell

    Clinging to life, Markey patient saved by clinical trial. Read Geri's story »

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    Vickie Duff with Dr. Tim Mullett

    Vickie Duff

    Conquering a late-stage lung cancer diagnosis. Read Vickie's story »

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    Lester Walters with his care team

    Lester Walters

    Mechanical heart keeps Berea man living, loving as he waits for transplant. Read Lester's story »

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    Jennifer Thomas with Dr. Christian Lattermann

    Jennifer Thomas

    Orthopaedic clinical trial helps UK nurse regain mobility. Read Jennifer's story »

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    Natalan Hendren

    Natalan Hendren

    A small miracle: Team effort helps UK nurses and their high-risk baby beat the odds. Read Natalan's story »

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    Teresa Schladt

    Teresa Schladt

    Surviving end-stage organ failure, a liver transplant and cancer takes an extraordinary team. Read Teresa's story »

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    Reuben Ligon

    Reuben Ligon

    There was only one place Reuben would trust to replace his heart: UK HealthCare. Read Reuben's story »

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    Doug Kuntz

    Doug Kuntz

    Indiana golfer relies on UK HealthCare to help with challenges posed by Parkinson’s disease. Read Doug's story »

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    Roy Varghese

    Roy Varghese

    Heart network relationships pay off for Kentucky physician facing his own health crisis. Read Roy's story »

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    Allyson Lovell

    Allyson Lovell

    Young woman finds help for heart failure. Read Allyson's story »

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    Jon-Wes Adams

    Jon-Wes Adams

    UK HealthCare experts diagnose twins’ rare heart condition, give brothers new lease on life. Read Jon-Wes and Gardner Adams' story »

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    Kentucky Neuroscience Institute

    Courtney Wilson

    Advanced medicine saved her life. This is how she said thank you. Read Courtney Wilson's story »

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