Praise for all the staff at Markey

Judy Knowles

My 84-year-old mother was diagnosed with primary peritoneal cancer in April 2011. She began treatment at the Markey Cancer Center at that time and completed her sixth treatment in September. The subsequent CT scan revealed that the nodules were gone and her CA 125 was within normal ranges.

It is difficult to describe, as a family member who went with her to every doctor’s appointment and chemo session, just how wonderful the people at the Markey Cancer Center were. I have not one complaint, only praise for all the staff at Markey. Our experience at the entire UK HealthCare medical center was absolutely great. Everyone we talked to and came in contact with was supportive.

On two occasions my mom had appointments for tests – once at the Gill Building and once at the old Chandler Hospital – and I wasn't sure where to go. I asked staff I met on the sidewalk for directions and both times they turned around and led me to the place where I would be taking my mom for her tests. When going through such a trying time, it just meant so much to have this support. It is obvious that the UK HealthCare staff have a passion for what they are doing and they demonstrate it in their interactions with the people they meet, even when they meet them on the sidewalk.

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