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SPORE: Core A: Administrative Core

Core Director: EVERS, B. Mark 

The purpose of the Administrative Core is to provide support for the translational research objectives of our SPORE by serving as the organizational hub that connects, optimizes and facilitates collaboration among SPORE investigators within and outside of the University of Kentucky (UK). The Administrative Core is led by B. Mark Evers, M.D., SPORE Principal Investigator, who oversees all SPORE activities. The core’s Co- Directors, Mark Dignan, Ph.D., and Stanley M. Lemon, M.D., assist Dr. Evers. The Administrative Core also includes an experienced and well-trained team that ensures and coordinates the Specific Aims of the Core, which are: 1) To provide coordination for all scientific and educational activities of the SPORE; 2) To provide centralized and coordinated administrative support for the daily activities involving all components of the SPORE: research projects, cores, developmental programs, and career development programs; and 3) To facilitate and coordinate SPORE outreach activities. To facilitate these aims, the Administrative Core organizes and manages: the overall SPORE interactions; administrative/scientific oversight of all research projects, cores, and developmental programs; and the activities of the External, Internal, and Patient Advocates Advisory Boards. In addition, the core is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance for the SPORE’s day-to-day operation and management, including monitoring of expenditures and addressing general grant and data management and policy issues. Administrative staff also oversee and facilitate the SPORE’s outreach activities.

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