Message from the Director: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

By B. Mark Evers, MD, UK Markey Cancer Center Director 

Mark Evers, MD

Here at Markey, we aim to be the leaders of the region in cancer care and research. Following our 2013 NCI designation, we are taking the next step and next year, when we are reevaluated for the Cancer Center Support Grant, we will apply to be considered a Comprehensive Cancer Center. This will hold us to an even higher standard, and is a challenge we are excited to take on.

Markey will be evaluated by additional criteria as we apply to be a Comprehensive Cancer Center, and it can be broken down into these essential pieces. We will need to demonstrate expertise in laboratory, clinical, and behavioral and population-based research, as well as collaboration across disciplines. Across the Commonwealth, we must continue to emphasize the work of our community outreach program, which conducts events and activities in outreach and education. And finally, we will be expected to provide information on the advances in healthcare for both healthcare professionals and the public.

Look around and you can see the progress at Markey happening right now. In September, we launched the MCC Molecular Tumor Board, which features members across multiple disciplines to include all vantage points on the subject. In October, we will welcome Jill M. Kolesar, PharmD, RPh, and we are excited to have her as part of our team in a leadership role.

We do all of this because we want to end cancer, and help as many patients as possible until a cure is found. As a Comprehensive Cancer Center, we will be among an elite class of 48 cancer centers in the country. Our recognition and influence will continue to grow, and this will place Markey in a better position to treat and cure the patients we serve.

I know that we are capable of holding ourselves to our own high standards, and now is the time to prove it. At times, it may be tough. But I believe we are among the best and we can meet this criteria. We have our plan together for becoming a Comprehensive Cancer Center, now it is up to us to piece together the puzzle.

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