Message from the Director: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

By B. Mark Evers, MD, UK Markey Cancer Center Director 

Mark Evers, MD

Community outreach efforts at Markey are important for many different reasons. It is vital that we educate people, young and old, about cancer and increase awareness. It is important that Kentuckians know not only how we can help treat cancer, but how they themselves can help prevent the disease to begin with. In many ways, outreach works through word-of-mouth, and that requires a lot of hard work. But with our programs in place, we continue to deliver that hard work to increase cancer awareness and decrease the cancer rates throughout the Bluegrass.

After all, we are committed to a single goal here at Markey. Our mission is to reduce cancer mortality in our state and region. Our research programs span the entire spectrum of cancer epidemiology and etiology, molecular expression and regulation, cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. We continue to advance our treatment techniques and venture into new territory through clinical trials. But the work continues outside the walls of our Markey community here on campus.

Every day we make progress here on campus, and every day we hope to touch lives outside our community as well. Our community outreach is a strong tool for educating those who have not visited us yet. While our events, presentations and more help to spread the word to large audiences, our own small efforts day in and day out can also add up to major differences.

So as you hear more about our community outreach efforts, please think of what small differences you can make. Whether it is talking with a family member or friend about cancer, volunteering for an education project, or any ideas you may present yourself, all of these things add up to a huge impact. I invite you to remember that every little bit of effort counts in our fight against cancer.

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