Standard operating procedures

The Markey Biospecimen and Tissue Procurement Shared Resource Facility follows the standard operating procedures (SOPs) listed below. It is our policy to review and revise SOPs annually. Specific SOPs are created for the needs of a researcher’s protocol when necessary.

Tissue and liquid repository

Policies, safety, personnel

BSTP 24 New Employee Check-in Procedures (PDF, 170KB) 

BSTP 67 Bloodborne Pathogen Occupational Exposure (Safety) (PDF, 100KB) 

BSTP 70 General Chemical Safety, Electrical Hazards, and Back Safety (PDF, 68KB) 

BSTP 76 Hazardous Liquid Nitrogen Event (PDF, 85KB) 

BSTP 81 Medical Emergency and Work Place Injury (PDF, 73KB) 

BSTP 87 Employee Check-Out Procedures (PDF, 67KB) 

BSTP 88 Hand Washing And Hand Hygiene (PDF, 65KB) 

BSTP 92 Password Guidelines (PDF, 72KB) 

BSTP 109 Exposure Control Plan (PDF, 110KB) 

BSTP 312 BSTP Spill Plan Process Document (PDF, 63KB)  


BSTP 9 Standard Operating Procedure Template (SOP) (PDF, 61KB) 

BSTP SRF 65 General Liquid Specimen Chain of Custody Form (PDF, 136KB) 

BSTP SRF 66 General Surgical Path Chain of Custody Form (PDF, 108KB)


BSTP 107 Cryomonitor and Cryomonitor Log (PDF, 147KB) 

BSTP 203 Checking Liquid Nitrogen Levels, Ordering And Switching Out Liquid Nitrogen Source Tanks From the BSTP Cryostorage Units (PDF, 98KB) 

BSTP 419 Autoclave Process Document (PDF, 73KB) 

BSTP 420 Centrifuge Process Document (PDF, 72KB)


BSTP SRF 63 General Protocol Collection Document IRB  

BSTP SRF 195 Solid Specimen Macrodissection for Dispensation 

BSTP 317.1 Serial Number Sample Tracking System (PDF, 113KB) 

BSTP 377 Dispensing Procedures For Sample Requests (PDF, 97KB) 

BSTP 397 DNA Isolation Procedure (PDF, 163KB) 

BSTP 408a GI SPORE Project 1 Phase 1 Detailed Protocol for University of Kentucky Participants 

BSTP 408b GI CPORE Project 1 Phase Detailed Protocol (Multisite) 

BSTP 415 DOD Lung Cancer Research Initiative   

BSTP SRF 435 Application Review Process SOP 

BSTP SRF 439 Consenting in Markey Clinics for General Protocol IRB 


Policies, safety, personnel

Disposal of Glass Slides and Paraffin Blocks 

Quality Control for Histologic Stains 

Request for Histology Services 

Quality Assurance Program 

Selection of Archival Tissue 

Training of Histology Personnel 


Application Form Request for Biospecimens Histology IHC 

Autostainer Daily Reagent H&E Staining 

Daily Temperature Control 

Equipment Verification of Training 

Excelsior Daily Maintenance 

PH Meter Calibration Documentation 

Quality Control of Slides  

Skills Training Checklist 


Steam Retrieval 

Tissue Processing 

Preparing a Slide from a FFPE block 

Embedding Tissue 

Tissue Microarray 

Autostainer Envision Flex System 


Alcian Blue 

Hematoxylin and Eosin Staining 

Rapid Cold Method Preparation of Harris' Hematoxylin 

IHC with Envision Plus Kit  

Steam Retrieval 

New Antibody Validation 

IHC with Vectastain Kit 

PAS for Glycoproteins 

Trichrome Massons 


Double Stain IHC 






IHC for EpCAM 

IHC for F480 


IHC for IGF2BP1 

IHC for Ki-67 (sp6) 

IHC for Lipocalin 2 

IHC for LDH 

IHC for MnSOD 

IHC for MRP2   

IHC for NFkB p65 

IHC with EGFR(wt) 

IHC for PAR 

IHC for p-ERK 


HC for phospho-4E-BP1 

IHC for phospho-AMPK 

IHC for Phospho-PCNA 

IHC for phospho-PKA 

IHC for phospho-S6' 

IHC for podoplanin 

IHC for RelB 

IHC for S6k 


IHC for S100A4 

Autostainer Envision Flex System 

FLEX Antibodies  

IHC for Shoc2 

IHC for phospho-AKT 

Digital imaging

Aperio Scanning Protocol 

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