• For patients

  • As part of the multidisciplinary team at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, our neurology specialists now work with neurosurgeons to diagnose and treat complex neurological and neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson's disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and stroke.

    We provide diagnostic evaluation, treatment and management for conditions related to the central and peripheral nervous systems (brain, spine and all extremities).

  • UK Neurology appointments

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    Most commonly, patients are referred through their primary care provider or neurologist.

  • UK Neurosurgery appointments

    Patients must be referred through their primary care provider or neurologist.

    Abdulnasser Alhajeri, MD: 859-257-5009 (Interventional Neurosurgery) or 859-323-9729 (Radiology)
    Justin F. Fraser, MD - 859-257-5009
    Stephen L. Grupke, MD - 859-257-5009
    Brandon A. Miller, MD - 859-323-5928
    Thomas Pittman, MD - 859-323-8986
    Phillip Tibbs, MD - 859-323-6597
    Craig van Horne, MD - 859-323-1334
    Raul A. Vasquez, MD - 859-323-5724
    Greg Wheeler, MD - 859-257-5009



  • The day of your appointment

    Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment in order to register and fill out any of the necessary paperwork prior to your appointment. This will assist in ensuring prompt service and visitation with your physician.

    Patient referral

    When a patient is referred to Kentucky Neuroscience Institute (KNI), diagnosis and treatment are made in a collaborative environment, decreasing the need for multiple visits and consultations.

    An emphasis on quality of life factors such as ease of movement and communication maximizes the potential for recovery. Treated as equal partners in care, referring physicians can expect early and ongoing contact with KNI specialists.

  • Research

    Current clinical trials

    The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute is discovering new and advanced ways to bring findings from the researcher's lab to the patient's bedside through clinical trials. By combining the expertise of researchers and physicians, we offer the most advanced treatments.

    We are constantly adding new studies, closing studies and changing current studies. To ensure you receive the most accurate information possible, please contact your provider for information about clinical trials.

    Interested in participating?

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  • Assistance at Kentucky Clinic

    Information desks

    Blue Bullet Arrow First-floor lobby near the South Limestone door

    Blue Bullet Arrow Third floor near the bridge that connects to UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital (Pavilion H)

    Help finding your appointment

    Pick up the phone located inside any Kentucky clinic entrance and a clinic representative will help you find your appointment location. You may also call UK Health Connection at 859-257-1000 or 800-333-8874 for help with your appointment.

    Handicap accessibility

    Handicapped parking is available on the ground level of the Kentucky Clinic Garage. For disabled patients who do not have a state-issued disabled parking permit, special one-day passes are available at the information desks. This permit allows patients to park in the disabled parking area.


    Wheelchair assistance may be requested using the information phones found just inside each entrance, at the information desks or by calling 859-323-5581 from your car after you arrive at the clinic.

  • What to bring to your appointment

    Check the list below to ensure you have everything necessary for your appointment.

    • Prior medical records available to you
    • CD of films relating to your diagnosis
    • Current list of medications and their dosages
    • List of doctors you are currently seeing and their contact information
    • New patient packet (printed and filled out – optional; for neurosurgery patients)

    If you have a neurosurgery appointment, you may minimize your waiting time in clinic by downloading and completing the new patient packet (PDF, 1.3 MB) » 

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