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    Comprehensive epilepsy program

    UK has provided specialized care for epilepsy for more than two decades. Our Level 4 Comprehensive Epilepsy Center provides both outpatient services through the Kentucky Clinic and inpatient care at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital. Our services include epilepsy clinics, an active epilepsy surgery program and clinical trials in epilepsy. Patients have access to a broad range of advanced forms of seizure therapy unavailable elsewhere in the region.

  • Improving lives

    The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program consists of a multispecialty team of dedicated professionals focused on improving the lives of patients and families who are living with epilepsy. It is designed to address the needs of children, adolescents, adults, women of childbearing age and elderly with epilepsy requiring specialized care. Our program also takes into account the needs of their caregivers.

    The Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic is a component of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and is designed to address the needs of children, adolescents and adults with epilepsy requiring specialized care. Patients evaluated in the clinic have previously been evaluated by a neurologist and continue to have problems with ongoing seizures, medication side effects or questions about the specific diagnosis.

    Selected patients may require other studies outside the epilepsy clinic including EEG-video monitoring, MRI and other specialized procedures. Additional consultations such as neuropsychology and neurosurgical evaluations may be necessary.

    Kentucky Neuroscience Institute is accredited by the NAEC as a level 4 epilepsy center. Level 4 epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy.

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  • Care options

    Potential therapeutic options such as new anti-epileptic drugs and epilepsy surgery are determined for each patient. Some patients are followed long-term in the Epilepsy Clinic, while most are returned to their primary neurologist for ongoing care.

  • Services

    Our services include diagnostic testing and the latest treatments for the management of all forms of epilepsy. We provide outpatient services as well as inpatient care with the latest diagnostic monitoring equipment.

    The adult Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) includes six dedicated rooms at UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital, and the pediatric EMU has three dedicated rooms at Kentucky Children's Hospital.

    Additional services include specialized MRI procedures, fMRI, intra carotid sodium amytal procedures (WADA tests), ictal and inter-ictal SPECT studies and intra-operative mapping with awake craniotomy. Consultative services such as neuropsychology evaluations and neurosurgical evaluations are available. Potential therapeutic options such as new anti-epileptic drugs, innovative treatments, VNS therapy, ketogenic diet and epilepsy surgery are determined for each patient.

    New referrals, established patients and individuals enrolled in clinical trials are all seen in the epilepsy clinic. Adult patients undergoing phase I monitoring (noninvasive video-EEG monitoring) and phase II (invasive) monitoring are hospitalized in the EMU. Outpatient ambulatory EEG studies are offered through the UK EEG laboratory.

  • Clinical Trials


    Epilepsy ranks second only to stroke as the most common serious neurological condition in the United States. Partial onset seizures are the most common type of seizure experienced by people with epilepsy.

    If you or someone you care about is living with epilepsy and continuing to experience seizures, even with treatment, you may want to consider participating in a clinical research trial. Without these research studies, we would be unable to provide new drugs and medical devices to benefit others living with epilepsy.

    We have ongoing clinical trials involving epilepsy and anti-epileptic medications for infants, children and adults. We are extensively involved in research, both at UK and in collaboration with other prominent epilepsy centers regionally and nationally. 

    Email Stephanie Morris, CCRP, clinical research associate or Shruti Kwatra, BS, CCRP, clinical research associate.


  • Appointments

    Most commonly, patients are referred through their primary care provider or neurologist.