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Botulinum Treatment Clinic

Appointments and Info:  859-323-5661 

For more information, contact UK Neurology.

UK HealthCare's Botulinum Treatment Clinic began in 1989. Our neurologists have extensive experience with treating a wide range of conditions with Botox, in particular, spasms in the neck and spine (spasmodic torticollis). This therapeutic method has also been employed for treating involuntary eyelid twitching and closing (blepharospasm), throat and vocal impairment (spastic dysphonia), limb spasms, "writer's cramp", esophageal disorders that impair swallowing (achalasia) and many other spastic disorders. Measuring and recording electrical activity in muscles through a process known as electromyographic is used to locate the problem area in the muscles for precise treatment.

Our Physicians:

Kevin R. Nelson, MD
Stephen J. Ryan, MD


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