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  • Dr. Gretchen Wells talks about why awareness is so important to women’s heart health
    Top 10 things to know about women’s heart health
    What women need to know about stroke
    Women and heart attacks fact sheet

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    Menopause fact sheet
    Pap smears best weapon against cervical cancer
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  • About Preterm Birth Fact Sheet
    Assisted Reproductive Technologies Fact Sheet
    Cesarean section and preterm birth fact sheet
    Costs of Preterm Birth Fact Sheet
    Effect of Infections on Birth Fact Sheet
    Five ways to prevent preterm birth
    Good Health May Help Prevent Preterm Birth Fact Sheet
    High-risk pregnancy and high-risk obstetrics
    Induction of Labor and Its Effects on Preterm Birth Fact Sheet
    Late-Preterm Birth Problems Fact Sheet
    Planning for pregnancy childbirth and post-delivery
    Pregnancy precautions fact sheet
    Preterm Birth in Kentucky fact sheet
    Short and Long-Term Effects of Preterm Birth Fact Sheet
    Signs and Symptoms of Preterm Labor Fact Sheet