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  • Flu (Influenza)

  • Flu season in Kentucky has started. Here’s what you need to know.
    The 20-second flu fighter
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  • Bird Flu Fact Sheet
    Cold and flu fact sheet
    Gripe Porcina Hoja Informativa
    Hepatitis C Fact Sheet
    Shingles Fact Sheet
    Swine Flu Fact Sheet
    Wash your hands the right way
    West Nile Virus Fact Sheet
    Facts about the ebola virus
    Your health: answers about MRSA
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  • HPV

  • Adolescent health care plan should include HPV vaccine
    Get the facts about the HPV vaccine
    Markey joins forces with national cancer leaders to encourage HPV vaccinations
    Take action to prevent cervical cancer
  • Zika virus

  • What you should know about Zika virus this summer
    Zika virus infection and pregnancy fact sheet