• General internal medicine and geriatrics

    UK General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics provides diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients from adolescence through adult age. We specialize in primary care, wellness and prevention, and care of patients with chronic medical conditions. When necessary, our physicians coordinate the treatment of patients across specialties and subspecialties.

    Patient appointments

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  • Specialties

    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Diabetes
    • Diagnostic evaluation of complex clinical problems
    • Executive health
    • Headaches
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Hypertension
    • Immunization for international travel
    • Multisystem disorders
    • Obesity
    • Pre-operative evaluation and medical consultation
    • Primary care of adults and adolescents
    • Smoking cessation
    • Wellness and prevention
    • Women’s health

    See also: UK Geriatric Clinic

  • Programs

    • Executive Health Program 
    • Med-Peds Clinic
    • Primary Care Adult Medicine
    • Tobacco Cessation

    The Executive Health Program

    Through the Division of General Internal Medicine, this program provides yearly physical exams, health care assessments, disease risk factor determinations and occupational exposure exams for companies. Generally, the program tailors these exams to suit each company through a contractual agreement.  Program coordinators design and schedule appropriate exams for completion in a single morning, thus minimizing the busy employee’s time away from the office. However, colonoscopies (and occasionally mammograms) have to be scheduled on a separate day due to logistics, sedation for the colonoscopy, etc. A detailed follow up letter is written to the employee describing the exam findings, test results and recommendations for health fitness.