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A message from the Director

Beverly Lenahan - Director of UK HealthCare Dietetics Internship Program 

The University of Kentucky Hospital Internship has been existence for 42 years, and we’re excited that we keep things relevant so that YOU are interested in finding out about our program!

UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital is a Level I trauma center, and our cases are some of the most challenging that you will encounter. Our program is fast-paced and rigorous, and will expose you to many different areas of dietetics. It is a joint program with the Veterans Administration, and several of your rotations will include working with our Veteran population. This is a unique opportunity to be a part of two different environments of patient care, processes and management styles. You will have clinical rotations in pediatrics, oncology, out-patient clinic and abdominal transplant, just to name a few.

Your rotations will be a 1:1 with your preceptor and you will work with them on a daily basis. You will have several weeks of food service rotation experience with management, menu selection and appropriate food preparation. During your community experience, you will live in another part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (yes, we pay for your housing while you’re gone!) and be serving county health departments, WIC clinics, school food services and other smaller, more community-based services.

In addition to clinical patient care and food service knowledge, we also provide many opportunities for you to do oral presentations so that you can improve your public speaking skills. You will give several patient and knowledge-based presentations to the preceptors and your peers. We want to emphasize that we both teach the interns and learn from them as well.

Have I mentioned homework? There is lots of it. There are written assignments that will keep you busy to the exclusion of outside employment. You will spend your day with your preceptors learning and your evenings doing written assignments using evidence-based practice to guide your work. You complete a notebook for each rotation that contains review questions, new terms, medicines and current practice issues. You even will develop and execute your own research project.

Why come to a program that will keep you extremely busy each and every day? Because you will be taught the latest evidence-based practice in our field. You will round with physicians and all members of the health care team. You have clinicians from every discipline available to ask questions and to learn from. We are a teaching hospital which means there are many more students (medical, pharmacy, dental for instance) that are all here to learn and to ask questions. It is an exceptional learning environment.

If you’re intrigued and want to continue the challenge, please review our website! We’re here to help you and want you to make good decisions about your choices for matching. We think we’re great. We hope you will, too.


Beverly Lenahan

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