Creative arts therapy is available throughout the UK HealthCare system. Services provided are based on the specific needs of patients in those locations.

Art therapy

Markey Cancer Center

Inpatient, outpatient chemotherapy clinic

Inpatients at Markey Cancer Center may request an order from their physician or nurse and they will be seen in the hospital room. Individuals receiving outpatient treatment may participate during chemotherapy infusions or may request that their doctor refer them for art therapy sessions.

Radiation mask workshops

Radiation masks worn during treatment for head and neck cancer can become powerful symbols of healing when they are transformed into works of art. Markey Cancer Center offers patients the opportunity to work with our art therapist to turn their radiation masks into sculptures and to participate in an optional group exhibition. Participants are assisted in coming up with ideas and completing a unique sculpture. Materials are provided and no art experience is necessary. Please contact us at arttherapy@uky.edu for more information on times/scheduling.

Art therapy samplers

Monthly art therapy samplers are a fun way to take an art break and experience the benefits of art therapy during a visit to the Markey Cancer Center. Watch for the table in the first floor lobby of the Whitney-Hendrickson Building. It takes only minutes to participate and all are invited.

Eastern State Hospital

Recovery Mall, patient units

Art therapy is available to every patient at Eastern State Hospital. Groups are offered in two settings:

  1. The Recovery Mall, where patients leave their units to attend a variety of hour-long groups throughout the day.
  2. Patient units, where individuals may participate in groups in a more protected environment.

Patients have the opportunity to work with tempera and watercolor paints, various drawing materials, collage, and clay. Each group begins with a discussion of a recovery topic such as safety, affirming our strengths, developing a recovery support system, and recovery barriers. Each patient then uses art materials to express their ideas, emotions, experiences, hopes and dreams.With patient permission, a selection of art pieces is exhibited in the Art Therapy Gallery for patients and staff to enjoy and to learn about art therapy.

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Music Therapy

UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital

Various locations

At UK HealthCare, we are committed to advancing leading edge music therapy to address the needs of patients across the healthcare system.  In Chandler Hospital, music therapists are referred to adult in patients in a wide variety of service lines, including Medicine, Palliative Care, Hospice, Stroke/Neuro, Cardiology, ICUs, Emergency Department, Surgery, and other service areas as referred.

Typical interventions might include Singing, instrument playing, songwriting, music-assisted relaxation, lyric analysis, and life review.

Learn about our Music Therapy Internship »

Markey Cancer Center

Inpatient, outpatient chemotherapy clinic

Music therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for people with cancer. Research suggests that music therapy can reduce anxiety, decrease the perception of pain and improve quality of life.

As part of the integrative medicine team at Markey Cancer Center, our goal is to use music therapy to improve patient well-being and increase opportunities for patient- and family-centered care. Although music therapy is not entertainment, many patients and families perceive music therapy as an uplifting experience. In fact, music therapy is usually very enjoyable for recipients.

Kentucky Children’s Hospital

NICU, NEO, PICU, inpatient, hematology-oncology

Our dedicated pediatric music therapist provides music interventions to patients in the Kentucky Children’s Hospital, using voice, guitar, child-sized instruments, and other materials to provide support for procedures, a sensory environment and developmental activities.

The music therapy program at Kentucky Children’s Hospital began in May 2016, thanks to the generosity of Alexandra Simpson Fund. At KCH, music therapy provides evidence-based interventions, by a board certified music therapist to assist pediatric patients in the achievement of non-musical goals related to their physiological and psychosocial needs.

Often, listening to live patient preferred music is utilized to address pain management and relaxation; where singing, instrumental play and improvisation assists in self-expression and normalization of the hospital environment. The music therapy program serves ages birth to twenty-one years.

Eastern State Hospital

Recovery Mall, patient units

Eastern State Hospital, managed by UK HealthCare, offers music therapy services to patients in its Recovery Mall and on the hospital units. The music therapist leads 45-minute music therapy groups that encourage participation through interventions like instrument playing, singing, lyric analysis, discussion/counseling, and songwriting. In one of the highest attended groups in the hospital, patients address therapeutic goals such as socialization, coping skills, relaxation, and psychoeducation in a nonthreatening manner they frequently enjoy.

For further information about music therapy services, email musictherapy@uky.edu.

For more information about the Creative Art Therapies Department, call Danielle Sizemore, administrative support for Creative Arts Therapies at 859-323-4895.

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