Swine flu precautions at UK HealthCare facilities
Oct. 26, 2009

Kentucky Children's Hospital

Because of the risk associated with spreading H1N1 and seasonal flu, we are not accepting applications for group visits to Kentucky Children's Hospital at this time. Please call ahead or check Kentucky Children's Hospital web site at a later date to see when group applications will be accepted.

UK HealthCare: Albert B. Chandler Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, all Kentucky Clinic Locations

This amended visitation policy will remain in place throughout the 2009/2010 influenza season, which typically extends through winter:

  • Visitors under age 18 are not allowed in patient rooms and other patient care areas (Parents/guardians under 18 will be allowed to visit their child.)
  • Patients may only have one adult visitor at a time (Except in Kentucky Children's Hospital, where two parents may stay with a child).
  • Outpatient clinics will only allow one additional person (age 18 and up) to attend clinic appointments with the patient (or both parents of a minor child).
  • Additionally, it is recommended that those who are feeling sick, or who have been exposed to someone who is ill, should refrain from visiting patients.
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