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Srinath Kamineni, MD

Specialties: Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine
Clinical Interests: Arthroscopy, Elbow Arthroscopy, Elbow Reconstruction, Elbow Replacement, Orthopaedic Surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy and Reconstruction, Shoulder Replacement, Upper Extremity Service

Jamshed F. Kanga, MD

Specialties: Cystic Fibrosis, Pediatric Pulmonology
Clinical Interests: Apnea of Infancy, Asthma, Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Cystic Fibrosis, Pediatric Bronchoscopy, Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine, Reactive Airway Disease

Siddharth Kapoor, MD

Specialties: Botulinum Program, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Headache and Pain Clinic, Neurology
Clinical Interests: Epilepsy, Headache Medicine

Mitu Karki Maskey, MD

Specialties: Infectious Diseases
Clinical Interests: Bone and Joint Infections, Care of HIV Patients, Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT), Prosthetic Joint Infections, Streptococcus Anginosus Infections

Dennis G. Karounos, MD

Specialties: Endocrinology & Molecular Medicine
Clinical Interests: Autoimmune Endocrine Disease, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutrition

Edward J. Kasarskis, MD, PhD

Specialties: ALS - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Neurology, Neuromuscular Disease
Clinical Interests: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Biochemistry, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Neurology, Nutrition

Douglas G. Katz, MD

Specialties: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Clinical Interests: Cornea External Disease, Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgery

Linda K. Katz, MD

Specialties: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Clinical Interests: Cataracts, General Ophthalmology

Clifford Alan Kaye, MD

Specialties: Hospitalist
Clinical Interests: Gastroparesis, Hypoalbuminemia, System Analysis and Improvement

Paul A. Kearney, MD

Specialties: Acute Care Surgery, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Clinical Interests: Acute Respiratory Failure, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Nutrition, Sepsis, Surgical Critical Care, Trauma Surgery

Daniel E. Kenady Sr., MD, FACS

Specialties: Endocrine Cancer Team, Head and Neck Cancer Team, Melanoma and Sarcoma (Skin Cancer) Team, Surgical Oncology
Clinical Interests: Gastrointestinal Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Surgical Oncology, Thyroid Cancer

Kara Ann Kennedy, DO

Specialties: Multidisciplinary Concussion, Neurology, Neurorehabilitation, Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disorders
Clinical Interests: Aphasia, Behavioral Neurology, Botox® (Botulinum Toxin) Treatment, Cerebral Palsy, Disorders of Consciousness, Neurological Rehabilitation, Spasticity Management, Sports Concussion, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury

Philip A. Kern, MD

Specialties: Endocrinology & Molecular Medicine
Clinical Interests: Atherosclerosis Prevention, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Lipid Disorders, Nutrition, Obesity

Melissa V. Kesler, MD

Specialties: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Interests: Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Hematopathology, Laboratory Medicine, Leukemia, Lymphoma

Qutubuddin G. Khan, MD

Specialties: Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Neuroscience
Clinical Interests: Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Pediatric Neurology
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