• After delivery: Mother and baby unit


    The Birthing Center offers the Newborn Channel (6), available for patients in English and Spanish, featuring information for the new family on topics like breastfeeding, postpartum depression, infant safety and self care information.

    The Birthing Center offers newborn and family photos from our Web Nursery at Our 365. These photos can be ordered and viewed by family members online or can be purchased by parents at the hospital. View new babies.

    The Newborn Channel We are proud to provide a service to help educate new and expecting parents on caring for their newborn including information on breastfeeding, postpartum depression, infant safety and self-care.

    While in the hospital

    We broadcast the Newborn Channel in the hospital on channel 72 in English and channel 73 in Spanish

    The password is printed on the newborn channel guide and program checklist or ask your nurse or the childbirth educator.

    Outside the hospital

    Watch Newborn Channel programs at home! Before and after your delivery, logon to www.thenewbornchannelnow.com. You’ll need the password which you can get from your nurse or the childbirth educator.

  • Rooming In

    Your baby will be kept with you as much as possible after delivery. This allows you to learn early cues or signs of hunger, and how to care for your baby with our staff to assist you. This also allows babies to eat on demand, not by the clock.

  • Quiet Time

    Everyday from 1:00-3:00pm, we have Quiet Time on our Mother and Baby Unit. We turn down overhead lights, ask visitors to silence their cell phones, and allow you to have time with your baby, your family, or to rest without the interruption of the hospital staff.

  • Lactation Services

    We have Lactation Consultants available during your hospital stay. Our nurses have also received extensive training in helping you be successful with breastfeeding. Our Mommy and Me Clinic is available Monday-Friday, from 12:45-3:00pm for assistance with breastfeeding issues.

  • Formula Feeding

    While we know breast milk is best, not everyone can breastfeed. You will be taught how to safely mix formula, and how to formula feed your infant if that is the feeding route you choose. Babies still have the same signs or cues of hunger, and should be fed by these and not the clock with bottles or with breastfeeding. We will help you learn these cues and how to feed your baby effectively.

  • Hospital Stay

    The average hospital stay for a vaginal delivery is 48 hours; for a cesarean section 72 hours. During your hospital stay, your nurse will be teaching you how to care for yourself and your baby. We will be sure you have a follow up appointment for yourself and your baby before you go home. You also must choose a name for your baby prior to discharge.