One-Third of Americans Have Dangerous Mix of Heart Risk Factors

Metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood pressure and obesity, increases with age, researchers say

Rural Poor Bear Higher Burden of COPD, Study Finds

Reasons aren't clear, but workplace exposures and fuel sources might play a role, researchers say

Secondhand Pot Smoke Can Give Bystanders Mild 'High'

Experiment in unventilated room found some intoxication by those who weren't smoking marijuana

Smoking May Make Return of Lung Cancer More Likely

Study found chance of recurrence rose 1 percent for each additional pack of cigarettes smoked each year

Steroids No Better for Sciatica Pain Than Placebo, Study Finds

But taking prednisone was tied to small improvements in ability to perform daily activities

Stressed at Work? Try 'Natural' Sounds to Relax

Noises such as running streams ease stress, boost office productivity, study found

The Plight of America's 'Elder Orphans'

Many aging Baby Boomers face health issues without family or support, report says

Brain Differences Seen in Teenage Heavy Drinkers

Researchers also spot genetic mutation linked to impulsiveness

FDA Issues Warning for Type 2 Diabetes Drugs

SGLT2 inhibitors linked to potentially fatal condition called ketoacidosis

Health Highlights: May 18, 2015

  • WHO Creating $100 Million Emergency Fund For Health Emergencies

  • Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Pet Geckos

  • Rapidly Expanding Stem Cell Industry in U.S. a 'Wild West'