Dengue Virus May Bolster Zika's Attack

Prior exposure to this other mosquito-borne virus might worsen infection, study says

Diabetes Plus Kidney Problems May Raise Heart Risks

Odds of death due to heart disease 15 percent higher in black Americans with both conditions, study finds

Drug Monitoring Programs Do Curb Overdose Deaths: Study

Opioid epidemic demands such measures, researcher says

Fiber: The Rx for Disease-Free Aging

Lots of this dietary nutrient can keep you healthy, functioning, study suggests

Guidelines Stop Heat Stroke Deaths in High School Athletes

Protocols help get students used to the heat during preseason practice

Health Highlights: June 23, 2016

  • Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills Ohio Teen

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Some foods can trigger sleepiness

Health Tip: Keep Pushing Through Your Workout

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Healthy Living Slashes Cancer Risk

The 'good' life cuts tumor odds up to 45 percent and risk of cancer death up to 61 percent, study finds

Keep Safe When Temperatures Soar

Everyone's at risk of heat-related illness, but elderly are most vulnerable, ER specialist says