• Speech Language Pathology

    The Speech Language Pathology team offers inpatient and outpatient treatment. Services are provided by professional speech language pathologists holding master’s level degrees, as well as being both licensed by the Kentucky Board of Speech Language Pathology and nationally certified by the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

  • Specialties

    The Speech Language Pathology team provides evaluation and treatment of a variety of different diagnoses in both adults and children on a daily basis, including the following:

    Childhood Speech and Language Disorders (PDF, 102 KB)
    • Pediatric feeding disorders
    Dysphagia (PDF, 100 KB) (swallowing disorder) evaluation and treatment
    • Evaluation and treatment of acquired neurogenic and other adult speech and language disorders 
    • Cognitive evaluations and treatment
    • Communication assistance to patients status post-laryngectomy
    • Pre-operative education for patients prior to laryngectomy
    • Modified barium swallow studies                                                                                                                                             • Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing
    • Assessment for Passy Muir Speaking Valve for patients with tracheostomy tubes
    • Assessment of velopharyngeal port insufficiency

    Our team offers specializations including: 

    • Bilingual (Spanish) therapy services                                                                                                                                 • Post-concussive cognitive intervention                                                                                                                         • Social skill groups
    • Aphasia group treatment
    • Traumatic brain injury group treatment
    • Involvement in the Lost Chords Club for patients post-laryngectomy

  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association


    Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.


    American Society for Deaf Children

    ASDC is a national organization of families and professionals committed to education and supporting parents and families to create opportunities for their children who are deaf and hard of hearing. ASDC's primary mission is to advocate quality programs and services so parents can make informed choices to meet their children's educational and social needs.

    John Tracy Clinic for Preschool Deaf Children

    Offering families hope, guidance and encouragement. John Tracy Clinic provides worldwide free parent-centered services to young children.

    National Association of the Deaf

    NAD provides services and support for deaf individuals and their families. Includes local chapter links and articles.

    National Family Association for Deaf-Blind

    Supporting persons who are deaf-blind and their families.

    SEE Center for the Advancement of Deaf Children

    The S.E.E. (Signing Exact English) Center for the Advancement of Deaf Children was established in 1984 as a nonprofit organization to work with parents and educators of hearing impaired children. Goals of the center are to promote early identification and intervention, promote development of improved English skills and promote understanding of principles of Signing Exact English and its use.